'KINGDOM COME' Theme MP3 "Airwolf" Teaser

(5 Apr 2012)

Another Mark J.Cairns' MP3 Teaser
for Airwolf Extended Themes soundtrack

Below is a teaser for CD2 from Sylvester Levay's 3rd Season episode.

Airwolf 3rd Season episode 'KINGDOM COME' guest starring Stephen Parr, Devon Ericson and Thom McFadden
Airwolf 3rd Season episode 'KINGDOM COME' - Caitlin's in peril, as Babe and Archangel try to save her
The Airwolf ‘KINGDOM COME’ theme is a medley of four different scenes from the Airwolf 3rd Season episode, starting with Ken Sawyer's heist team parachuting into MaxiTech, through to the love triangle theme (a great one from Sly Levay) between between Ken, Caitlin and heist team leader, Tracy.

Stephen Parr as 'Ken Sawyer' in Airwolf 3rd Season episode 'KINGDOM COME'
'Ken Sawyer' in 'KINGDOM COME'
The really great thing about this theme is the wonderful spread of emotions it contains and shows Sly Levay on top of his game; it really has everything in the one place with a quiet minimalism to start with right through to the big action theme at the end.

You'll start to hear the "orchestral" work from here on in. Sly's use of the lead Oboe in 'KINGDOM COME' is really poignant as it mixes (as per the teaser here) with a lovely acoustic guitar. This is one of the themes showing off the wonderful live guitar work by 'Big Bill Campbell' who Frankie brought in for a night at Einstein Studios. Guitars are an instrument that still sound terrible on synths so we didn't mess around here and just brought in the real thing (the way Sly and Udi did originally), both acoustic and the big Fender for the power chords. I hope you'll agree that it sounds mighty now. There are 5-6 themes in total with Bill's guitar work.

Airwolf Guitar
I guarantee many of you will be playing along with your Air Guitars (aka "Airwolf Guitars") Marty McFly-style with the reprise (from Track 10 of Airwolf Themes) of the "Try And Cut 'Em Off" theme. This version is based on its second use near the end when Airwolf is taking off over the top of the bombers after Ken Sawyer has placed a bomb inside Airwolf which is linked to the human bomb on Caitlin in his yacht at the harbour. I've also extended the action theme a bit more this time so you can exercise your 'Airwolf Guitar' arms for longer!  ;D

You'll see how different it sounds this time compared to Airwolf Themes with a different arrangement and of course better instruments and kit than in 1998 with my original version of the car chase at MaxiTech. I'm so delighted with this track overall. It has everything I'd ever want in a score track.

In the parachute-in scene at the start of this episode, the heist team place a bomb on the vault door at MaxiTech. Sound Editor Michael D. Wilhoit used the same sound for this bomb as the secure lab's locator beacon in 2nd Season episode 'CONDEMNED'. Nice bit of recycling. So it's obvious to me that it was actually a rabbit they were stealing in the yellow suitcase disguised as thermonuclear detonators. Poor old "Harpo"... first injected with a biological weapon and now a radioactive rabbit just over a year later! ;D

I've also got the fan-favourite 1st Season episode 'MIND OF THE MACHINE' theme ready to let you all hear as well, so I'll do that as a separate Blog over Easter 2012. Look out for it.

DAVID CARRADINE as 'Dr Winchester' from Airwolf 1st Season episode 'MIND OF THE MACHINE'
'Dr Winchester' (DAVID CARRADINE)
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For progress of were Jan and I are at with both Airwolf Extended Themes CDs (yes, that was an April Fool on Sunday!) see the updated Pre-Production Tracklist here.

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