'AIRWOLF EXTENDED THEMES' TV Soundtrack finally ready for Studio production, for Airwolf TV Series.

Well, not long to go now within the musical world of Airwolf Themes soundtracks.

Both Jan Michal Szulew and myself are working hard to finally get 'Airwolf Extended Themes' finished after all these years.

I did a tally at the weekend and there could be *up to* (around) 30 tracks this time between the two (I've 15-17 on mine alone), if all of them come out the other side.

Hope to get a Pre-Release Tracklist up soon. Finally.

I'm 95% sure we've got it at present. Jan and I are still talking about finalising 3 of his tracks' content as they've been fluid (the rest are pretty much arranged and most just need engineered again from the arrangement test beds).

I can definitely tell you we dumped his 4th Season Closing Theme (as I suggested back in April) last night even though it was really good (we felt there's no point going up against Rick Patterson's original on Amazon), so this will absolutely be a pure "CBS" Airwolf album. You all know I'm no fan of the Canadian show anyway.

We're both in a current push to get it done. Sept/Oct 2011 will be the big, big push months, especially for myself. I *will* be in engineering for Special Bonus CD2 at Einstein Studios during that time.

It's probably going to end up that I'll have my lot done before Jan. His CD1 is more important anyway as it'll purely be Airwolf main themes so the subtlety of that fact enforces we get them right first time.

Was working on the "bonuses" at the weekend too. Started the 20pp CD booklet too. Think you'll all like.

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