'HALF-PINT', 'AND THEY ARE US' and 'SANTINI'S MILLIONS' Themes MP3 "Airwolf" Teasers

(8 Jan 2012)

First MP3 Teasers up for AIRWOLF EXTENDED THEMES – Mark J.Cairns' Special Bonus CD2 Track Teasers – the first three are up...

Below are first three teasers (in 320k MP3) from the upcoming Special Bonus CD2 for:

Airwolf HALF-PINT  Teaser MP3 mk2  (updated 17th Jan)

updated FINAL Teaser (27th July, 2013):

Airwolf AND THEY ARE US (updated 25th March)

updated FINAL Teaser (27th July, 2013):

Airwolf SANTINI'S MILLIONS  Teaser MP3 mk2

updated FINAL Teaser (27th July, 2013):

The late Roland Harrah III guest-starring in Airwolf 3rd Season episode 'HALF-PINT'
The ‘HALF-PINT’ theme is from the scene were Hawke and Half-Pint are burying St John's dummy coffin in the woods above the cabin, planting a honey trap for the drug smugglers to find. This gentle synth theme was composed for the candid conversation between the two of them.

'AND THEY ARE US' is the theme from the start of the episode were Colonel Vidor notes the remaining North Limbawe F4 Corsair "jockey has got guts... he's mine!"

'SANTINI'S MILLIONS' is a 4-part theme from the Airwolf episode starting with Dom picking up Carl Barron and finishing (as on the MP3 teaser above) with the manic arpeggiator theme when Dom loses his JetRanger's tail-rotor during a movie stunt and tries to regain control and land without crashing. Meanwhile, the scared movie Director sits in the co-pilot's seat praying hard.

The other theme to be extracted from this episode will be the "Family Theme" (mixed with the orchestral version from Airwolf 1st Season episode 'BITE OF THE JACKAL', when Phoebe Danner meets her Dad for the first time at the end of the episode).

I'll probably tweak them a little more before they go final Master, but you'll get the idea from the above teasers. Hope you like.  (UPDATE:  I've tweaked them already. 'AND THEY ARE US' will take another go at it, so it's still the MK1 up at this stage.) NOW UPDATED TO FINAL RELEASE  ON 27th JULY, 2013

Anyway, we're just working away at it every week now (I've all 20 of my episodic tracks Engineered now having finished the first week of January after 3 months' engineering work -- they just need Mixed and Mastered, so these 3 teasers were the first ones out the door, so to speak) when we can find studio time (life, work, job and limited Studio Time Availability interfere with that idea constantly with me here in Northern Ireland, and Jan in Poland). When it's ready it's ready. I'll probably be done before Jan (famous last words).  Haha.  'D

More episodic Bonus CD2 teasers to come soon...