Airwolf Themes soundtrack is now available on...

The on-going global roll-out of the Airwolf Themes soundtrack score for the 1980s TV series 'Airwolf' about the big bad attack helicopter and its pilots 'Stringfellow Hawke' and 'Dominic Santini' (played to perfection by Jan-Michael Vincent and Ernest Borgnine) has been gathering momentum during January & February 2008.

    So, now everyone has an alternative to the illegal pirate and Torrent websites of which original Airwolf composer Sylvester Levay and myself don't get one red cent for the thousands of hours' work it took to create this out of our own pockets.
         The above listed websites/stores are the only ones we've authorised to sell Airwolf Themes legally, so please please don't pay your hard-earned cash (or reveal your Credit Card details) to these Russian Mafia-run MP3-download websites who look and sound very credible but in reality don't pay anything to any artists or anybody; they keep your money, give you rubbish MP3s and most importantly have all your details to use as they please. Identity theft anyone?!

    See our special anti-pirate / counterfeit section at Airwolf