New AIRWOLF THEMES Soundtracks Promo Video

AIRWOLF THEMES Soundtrack Music Video Promo Trailer introduced for 'Airwolf' TV Series fans on YouTube with full-size Airwolf Helicopter

Mark J.Cairns in cockpit and flying the Airwolf Helicopter for the AIRWOLF THEMES soundtrack promo video intro trailer

We have now released the official Trailer Promo Video for the three AIRWOLF THEMES soundtracks. Shot on location at Red Rock Canyon, California, it's a parody of the first scene from the show's 'Pilot' episode and Hawke's joyride sequence from the 'One Way Express' episode; And yes, as you'll see, the full-size Replica Airwolf is for real (now housed in the Tennessee Museum of Aviation in Sevierville, TN, USA -- just a few miles up the road from 'Dollywood').

YouTube link for video:

Mark J.Cairns YouTube Channel for the AIRWOLF THEMES official Soundtracks for the 'AIRWOLF' TV Series

Official YouTube Channel:

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Animated Graphics emulating the opening intro grid titles of the 'AIRWOLF' TV Series