'MIND OF THE MACHINE' Theme MP3 "Airwolf" Teaser

(8 Apr 2012)

The 'MIND OF THE MACHINE' score performed by Mark J.Cairns from the Airwolf Extended Themes soundtrack

Below is a teaser for CD2 from Sylvester Levay's 1st Season Airwolf episode.

Airwolf 1st Season episode 'MIND OF THE MACHINE' with Dr Winchester's Theme and fan-favourite Airwolf episode showing off the Airwolf simulator
Airwolf 1st Season episode 'MIND OF THE MACHINE' with Dr Winchester and the Airwolf simulator
The ‘MIND OF THE MACHINE’ theme is a medley of three different scenes from this Airwolf 1st Season episode, with the first scene of Hawke and Dom testing Dr Winchester's Airwolf simulator in the computer canyons leading onto the extended scene between him and Diana when they realise the Airwolf helicopter holds on-board plans and specifications in its computer memory as well as a video record of every mission the Lady and her team have ever been on, all culminating in the final, poignant, orchestral-backed aerial of the dying Winchester's last wish to finally take control of the real Airwolf.

AIRWOLF 1st Season episode 'MIND OF THE MACHINE' guest-starring the late David Carradine and Sondra Currie
Dr Winchester and Diana realise Airwolf has a secret
What's really interesting about this fan-favourite 1st Season episode is the fact that it's the only other track that we're pretty much re-visiting completely from the original Airwolf Themes 2CD Soundtrack, the other being the "Try & Cut 'Em Off Theme" at the end of the new 'KINGDOM COME' track.

This episode's music was originally included on Sylvester Levay's final "1st Season Medley" track on his original CD2 from Airwolf Themes but many fans felt whilst they loved it in its own right, it was just too short and not accurate enough of a recreation to fully satisfy them to be a complete composition of this amazing episode's iconic and memorable "Winchester's Theme". Well, I've decided that we need to have another go at it again (with the added help of John Rogers' brilliantly accurate transcription of the distinctive bass-line Arpeggiator, again transcribed directly from the original recording at 20% speed). I'm personally very pleased with the result.

I wanted to add a little Easter Egg to the middle of this track by mixing what I call the "Winchester Realisation Moment" sound into the music (included it within this MP3 music teaser) which plays when he finally figures out what the creator of Airwolf, Dr Moffet had said to Winchester that "Airwolf is very much a living thing". I was having trouble getting this sound at Einstein Studios thus I asked for Orchestrator & Associate Producer, Jan Michal Szulew's help to take a few hours out of his busy schedule to try and create this sound for me. To say he nailed it in the most unconventional way would be an understatement! See Jan's quick Blog on the creation of this sound here.

Frankie and I have already about half of the extended Hawke's Run mix done last week so hopefully I can get back into studio this week to finish it.

Don't forget to check out Jan's progress on Airwolf Extended Themes CD1 over on his Airwolf Orchestrator's Blog, and Marty Grant's progress on the other big Airwolf project... the Airwolf: Echoes From The Firm DOCUMENTARY on his Blog.

For progress of were Jan and I are at with both Airwolf Extended Themes CDs, see the updated Pre-Production Tracklist here.

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1 comment:

Sentient Saviour said...

Superb mate!. Mind Of The Machine is my all time favourite episode and episode score too. So this one above all I know pretty well and you have totally nailed it!. It's perfect! I cant wait to get my hands on the finished product!. It's going to rock!.