'HAWKE's RUN', 'JENNIE' and 'KINGDOM COME' MP3 Airwolf Teasers

(6 June 2012)

'HAWKE's RUN', 'JENNIE' and 'KINGDOM COME' music teasers from Airwolf Extended Themes soundtrack 2CD

I've been very busy since April juggling multiple tracks at once, so things are progressing well this end, but here's a triple whammy of Airwolf teasers for you all to make up for it.

Airwolf 3rd Season episode 'JENNIE' with the "Operation Blackstone" aerial showing off the late Bernardo Segall's best work
Airwolf 3rd Season episode 'JENNIE' with the "Operation Blackstone" aerial by the late Bernardo Segall
The unusual ‘JENNIE’ (Operation Blackstone)  theme is an episodic piece to show off the late Bernardo Segall's work, with this, probably his best work of the three mid-to-late Airwolf 3rd Season episodes (the other two being the awful sub-par episodes 'WILDFIRE' and 'LITTLE WOLF') when he stepped in for episodic duties whilst Sylvester Levay was away on other TV and feature projects during his busy 1985-1986 TV season.

Airwolf 3rd Season episode 'JENNIE' guest starring Lenore Kasdorf
Under drone attack in the courtyard
Using an unusual blend of instruments (for the established Levay & Harpaz composing style of the Airwolf TV series anyway!) such as bringing in extra percussion instruments like Wood Block and Guiro, along with the upbeat sounds of the Xylophone and Slentam, making it a very different piece to the rest of this album. I was adamant however that I wanted an upbeat South American, almost Mariachi-type piece of music in CD2 from the choice available so this was it.

It'll be one of those episodic pieces that folks will either love or hate, but variety is the spice of life.

Airwolf HAWKE's RUN Teaser MP3 (MK3) (6th June)

Airwolf 3rd Season episode 'HAWKE'S RUN' starring Wendy Schaal and Ray Wise
Airwolf 3rd Season episode 'HAWKE'S RUN' with Hawke forced to go on the run from Victor Karsten with Marilyn Kelsey
Airwolf 3rd Season episode 'HAWKE'S RUN' with Wendy Schaal as main guest star
Hawke escapes in Marilyn's car
The ‘HAWKE's RUN' episode has a great mix of music composed by Sylvester Levay as he composed some mellow atmospheric synth vibes, accompanied by a beautiful piano solo and finishing with the rousing escape theme when Hawke and Marilyn escape from Victor Karsten's assassins for the second time and run to the Mexican-themed party at the Adamson House (see 'Airwolf Location Guide' video for the original) in Malibu to hide amongst the guests to the strains of a Mariachi Band.

The escape theme is again used soon after - in this late Richard Irving-directed episode - when Hawke ran in slow-mo from the Adamson House to the waiting JetRanger on the beach. I feel this was probably the last of Sly's really great episodic compositions as he only did two more by then before the rot set into the whole production and the remaining handful of eps were sub-par compared to this, so for me personally this is the last theme that Sly did a great job on.

Airwolf KINGDOM COME Teaser MP3 (MK4) (6th June)

updated FINAL Teaser (27th July, 2013):

Airwolf 3rd Season episode 'KINGDOM COME' guest starring Stephen Parr, Devon Ericson and Thom McFadden
Airwolf 3rd Season episode 'KINGDOM COME' - Caitlin's in peril, as Babe from the bomb squad and Archangel try to save her
Here's the final version of my album favourite ‘KINGDOM COME' theme. It's a lot richer now than the MK1 version in April with an added F note to the initial parachuting-in scene (thanks Jan), better dynamics and atmosphere in the rest of the track and most importantly - a fully reworked melodic at the end (my favourite piece of the entire album as it's a real high-speed, cruising track for the car drivers out there) including a new, harder bass line.
Stephen Parr playing KEN SAWYER in Airwolf 3rd Season episode 'KINGDOM COME'
Stephen Parr as KEN SAWYER
It actually turned out to be a nightmare in the end trying to get the mix' balance right, whilst making the arrangement better than the original (I feel anyway). My original intention for the final melodic was to use the arrangement from the squadron take-off sequence at Indian Dunes airfield, after Sawyer planted a synchronised bomb on board Airwolf and then proceeds to take off over the tail of Ken Sawyer's silver bomber.
But then I always liked Sly's use of the percussion shakers on top of the standard drums in the initial car chase (which I did a different version of on the original 'Airwolf Themes' 2CD) at the start of the episode, so this final version is a combination of the two cues.

Am currently working on a couple of similar tracks at the moment including the final 'ECHOS FROM THE PAST' tag ending in Hawke's cabin. Also working on the Wagner-esque "Blaze joyride" track from the 'PILOT' episode (TV Version).

Don't forget to check out Jan's progress on Airwolf Extended Themes CD1 over on his Airwolf Orchestrator's Blog, and Marty Grant's progress on the other big Airwolf project... the Airwolf DOCUMENTARY on his Blog.

For progress of were Jan and I are at with both Airwolf Extended Themes CDs, see the updated Pre-Production Tracklist here.

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