'TRUST Theme' MP3 "Airwolf" Teaser

(14 June 2012)

The "TRUST Theme" score performed by Mark J.Cairns for Airwolf Extended Themes soundtrack 2CD and the character theme music composed by Sylvester Levay

Well, here's the first of the general Sylvester Levay "character" themes from Airwolf with a little more orchestra mixed in now too.

Airwolf 2nd + 3rd Season character "TRUST THEME" from 'SANTINI's MILLIONS' and 'HAWKE's RUN'
The late Lory Walsh ('Margo Brewster') asks the late John Ireland ('Carl Barron') to trust her in 2nd Season episode,'SANTINI'S MILLIONS'. Wendy Schaal's character 'Marilyn Kelsey' asks Hawke to do the same in the theme's reprise during 3rd Season episode, 'HAWKE's RUN'
"Carl Barron"
The poignant, character-based "TRUST THEME"  is a piece composed by Sylvester Levay originally for 2nd Season episode, 'SANTINI's MILLIONS' but later reprised for a short piece in 3rd Season episode, 'HAWKE's RUN'.

The arrangement starts with a gentle synth pad melody whilst Carl Barron is writing his Last Will & Testament at the start of the episode. That progresses into a poignant version on an Oboe as Marilyn and Hawke discuss his lack of natural lack of trust of her; then it's back to the old Barron Industries seismology lab where Margo & Barron hide-out and re-connect after he faked his own death. The theme's arrangement finishes with an upbeat orchestral during the final scene of Barron asking Dom outright "if it ever occurred to him, at any time, to look the other way?" in order to keep the $40m dollars left to him in Barron's Will.

'SANTINI'S MILLIONS' is one of those oft-overlooked episodes that even though there's a real KNIGHT RIDER feel to this episode, I love it due to the understated performance of veteran character actor, the late John Ireland as the "steel & concrete" Carl Barron. Jared Martin also puts in a fantastic performance as the ruthless and manipulative James Graydon. Scenes that stick out include: Barron's rescue by Santini in Airwolf, the final aerial with Airwolf coming back from "over the hill", and Barron saying to Dom, "Keep looking in your mailbox. I won't live forever!" [poignant to the fact that John Ireland was one of the first guest cast to die a few years afterwards, along with his lovely co-star Lory Walsh.]

Still juggling a couple of orchestral-heavy tracks at the moment including the final 'ECHOS FROM THE PAST' tag ending in Hawke's cabin (needs another cut). Also working on the Wagner-esque "Blaze joyride" track (which is pretty much ready now) from the 'PILOT' episode (TV Version), and Udi Harpaz' superb orchestral from 'CROSSOVER'

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