'FAMILY THEME' MP3 "Airwolf" Teaser

(10 December 2012)

The "FAMILY THEME" from Airwolf's 1st & 2nd Seasons from the Airwolf Extended Themes soundtrack 2CD

The MP3 Teaser:

Airwolf 'BITE OF THE JACKAL' 1st Season Airwolf episode Familiy Theme Image
1st Season episode 'BITE OF THE JACKAL' is where Sylvester Levay first composed this theme and was primarily for the epilogue scene with Phoebe Danner (played by a young SHANNEN DOHERTY) finally reuniting with her dad outside Hawke's cabin
Airwolf 'SINS OF THE PAST' 2nd Season Airwolf episode Familiy Theme Image
2nd Season episode 'SINS OF THE PAST' provides the first two-thirds of this "Family Theme" medley with Dom in jail for the suspected murder of his ex-wife, Lylah and then reminiscing about his late daughter, Sally Ann's locket.

One of the more emotive themes from both the Airwolf 1st Season episode "BITE OF THE JACKAL"  and 2nd Season episode "SINS OF THE PAST" was one of Sylvester Levay's wonderful handful of 'character' themes from the Airwolf TV series.

The three-part medley starts with Caitlin visiting Dom in jail as he's being held on suspicion of murdering his ex-wife, Lylah. In an emotional scene with Dom's utter frustration and lament at being kept "in a cage" whilst totally innocent, is the soft Oboe-led theme underscoring the raw emotion of both people. Both Jeannie-Bruce and Ernie were crying their eyes out in this scene.

The second part is of Hawke & Dom's initial trip to San Remo island for Sally Ann's funeral, with Dom mourning both his daughter and a failure in his past whilst being fully aware they've still a mission to do for the Firm first and foremost after this bit of business on the side.

The third and final part is from the final epilogue scene in 'BITE OF THE JACKAL' with a full orchestra playing the 'Family Theme' as Phoebe reunites with her father after the Firm found him as a favour to Dom.

The next blog will be a full one for 'AIRWOLF II' (sorry, I've only got the link up on Facebook so far rather than doing a full blog for it).

I've nearly finished mixing the "EAGLE'S THEME" (both real cello solo, orchestral and synth version) with some final tweaks and changes still to do; so after that, all that's left is 'PROOF THROUGH THE NIGHT' and 'THE HORN OF PLENTY' mixes to finish my CD2 of Airwolf Extended Themes 2CD Soundtrack. So, it'll defo not be out this side of Christmas, before you ask again.

Yes, the 2CD will **probably** be in and around GBP £30-ish per set (or that's what I'm aiming to keep it around) but final licensing costs from Universal (we've increased to 40+ tracks - YEAH, we've added more to Jan's CD1 so details on that upgrade soon - now up from 35+ which is horrendously high in music terms) and production costs will dictate the final figure. Quite a few folks have asked how much they should squirrel away from their Christmas budget. Well, that's my best estimate so far.

Airwolf 1st and 2nd Season 'FAMILY THEME" MP3 composed by Sylvester Levay
Dom's utter frustration and lament about being kept "in a cage"
whilst totally innocent leads to an emotional scene between
2nd Season episode, 'SINS OF THE PAST'.
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