Airwolf Extended Themes 2CD - NOW RELEASED

Well, the 'Airwolf Extended Themes' 2CD album has finally been released on 26th March, 2014 after 15 long years in the planning and 5 even longer years (feels like it anyway) in both production and over 2-years of post production.

The fantastic response and support from the die-hard Airwolf fans (the 'Wolf Pack') who have bought the new 2CD Special Limited Edition score has been very humbling with both the detailed fan feedback c/o Disqus and also via Social, especially with Facebook and Google+.

Listen to the Airwolf Extended Theme 2CD via MP3 Teasers and Airwolf YouTube promo videos
Listen to the Airwolf Extended Themes 2CD MP3 Teasers and Watch YouTube videos

You can buy the buy the Special Limited Edition 2CD soundtrack score today directly from ourselves at our website. 42 tracks of Airwolf music as you've never heard it before in Hi-Fi Stereo, which contains 22 tracks of the Airwolf Main Theme tune (by Sylvester Levay) arranged and produced by Jan Michal Szulew, and 20 tracks from various episodes and characters themes from the first three CBS seasons of the show arranged and produced by producer, Mark J.Cairns. All tracks are based as closely as possible in arrangement, sound and feel on the episodic scoree written by composers, Sylvester Levay, Udi Harpaz, Ian Freebairn-Smith, and the late Bernardo Seg├íll. 

Airwolf Extended Themes 2CD Cover Artwork
Some of the really cool features in this new Airwolf music release are the superb 24-page which includes an in-depth interview with episode composer, Udi Harpaz for his work during the late Season 2, and early Season 3 episodes. It reveals a lot of the behind-the-scenes production details of the music creation on the original TV series including revealing for the first time what synthesizers, sequencers and keyboards that the "session" keyboard players used who played and recorded for the composers each week.

We have also manufactured it with the new 2nd generation "Super Jewel Case" which is much stronger than the original jewel case and includes some wonderful new features.

Plus, there's a little surprise we've added to the Special Limited Edition 2CD as a bonus feature. You'll find out if you BUY a copy today!  :)


Airwolf Extended Themes 2CD Special Limited Edition is our contribution to Airwolf's 30th Anniversary in 2014.  But that's not all to end the fan's joy this year.

Airwolf on Bluray HD finally available

The other exciting news is that three weeks after our release, Fabulous Films in the UK released the original three seasons of
Airwolf Bluray Box Set for Seasons 1-3
Airwolf Bluray Box Set
Airwolf in High-Definition (HD) Bluray for the first time with an all-new Region B box set print. Having secured the new HD prints from Universal Studios, who went back to the original 35mm negatives and lifted new HD digital prints. 

To say the new picture is stunning would be an understatement. The colour and clarity and resolution of everything is now so eye-poppingly gorgeous as to be a feast for the eyes.

The sound is still very front & centre although Universal have made a good stab and giving it more of a Stereo width. There's no glorious sound remastering though to match the picture, so unfortunately no DTS 7.1 or Dolby Digital 5.1; but if your Audio Receiver is capable of it, then I'm sure you can "pseudo-Stereo 7-Channel" the sound to disperse it a lot more. The sound mix of Season 1 is pretty natural, but Seasons 2 and 3 are quite music heavy on the mix and can jar the ear a little at times depending on the episode. However, they blow the original Universal-Playback DVDs.

I will review the new Airwolf Bluray (2014) and its sister Airwolf DVD (2014) box set in a separate Blog, plus we'll have a new dedicated section on our website dedicated to the new HD Airwolf Blurays and DVDs.

Single season Airwolf Bluray sets coming Sept 2014, so if times are tight and you can't afford the full box set, then you can purchase the single season sets.