AIRWOLF MAIN THEMES EP - Sequel soundtrack coming soon

AIRWOLF MAIN THEMES EP Extended Play mini-soundtrack prequel to AIRWOLF EXTENDED THEMES 2CD score for Airwolf TV SeriesWe can at last reveal that we're about to release the first one of TWO official Airwolf Themes sequels shortly.

The initial Digital-downloads ONLY release will be a global-credit-crunch/Recession beater called 'AIRWOLF MAIN THEMES' EP ("EP" means Extended Play") and it will contain four brand new, Airwolf Main Theme-based tracks by our new Polish orchestrator & associate producer, Jan Michal Szulew.
There will be a fantastic, extended medley of Ian Freebairn-Smith's 'SWEET BRITCHES/FIRESTORM' aerials, a new extended 2nd/3rd Season Closing Theme and two other variants to whet your appetite for what's to come later. Trust me folks (and I'm speaking here as a die-hard Airwolf fan first and foremost), this release may as well be called 'AIRWOLF ORIGINAL THEMES' and we'll leave it at that! You'll see why very shortly.


The official teasers for AIRWOLF MAIN THEMES will be revealed during December 2008, but in the meantime, there are two teasers MP3s on our website for you to listen to.


It should be available before the end of 2008 via our own Airwolf Themes Store at, Apple iTunes Stores (globally) and only. We'll let you know via our Mailing List (if registered) of the exact release dates (it shouldn't take as long to upload to our accounts on Apple/Amazon this time as last year’s digital remastering of the original AWT.)
It will cost just GBP £3.16 sterling/US $3.99 dollars (or £0.79/$0.99 per DRM-Free track) on Apple Tunes and in our own Store; (US only) should be similar pricing structures. So hopefully the pirates and thieving Torrent fans will take pity on the hundreds and hundreds of hours' work and personally-funded licensing investment it has taken thus far and pass us by.

AIRWOLF THEMES 2 - true 2CD release

We've been working on a dual-release strategy for a while now simply because the bigger CD-based release, 'AIRWOLF EXTENDED THEMES' has been constantly evolving. The latter will be a premium-priced 2CD Special Limited Edition ONLY (and will not be available for digital downloads - at least not for a long time - so save up your shekels!), CD1 will be by Jan Michal Szulew and will only contain multiple, varied tracks of the Airwolf Main Theme that the Wolf Pack have requested; Special Bonus CD2 will contain further episodic tracks by Mark J.Cairns including 'AND THEY ARE US', 'AIRWOLF II" and others.
All being well we hope to have Udi Harpaz' full (very cool) interview as a 20-page Cover Booklet, just like Sylvester Levay’s on the original 2CD set, so it all comes full circle. We hope to release that at the end of 2011.

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Airwolf Themes soundtrack is now available on...

The on-going global roll-out of the Airwolf Themes soundtrack score for the 1980s TV series 'Airwolf' about the big bad attack helicopter and its pilots 'Stringfellow Hawke' and 'Dominic Santini' (played to perfection by Jan-Michael Vincent and Ernest Borgnine) has been gathering momentum during January & February 2008.

    So, now everyone has an alternative to the illegal pirate and Torrent websites of which original Airwolf composer Sylvester Levay and myself don't get one red cent for the thousands of hours' work it took to create this out of our own pockets.
         The above listed websites/stores are the only ones we've authorised to sell Airwolf Themes legally, so please please don't pay your hard-earned cash (or reveal your Credit Card details) to these Russian Mafia-run MP3-download websites who look and sound very credible but in reality don't pay anything to any artists or anybody; they keep your money, give you rubbish MP3s and most importantly have all your details to use as they please. Identity theft anyone?!

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