FINAL TRACKLIST & FEATURES of Airwolf Extended Themes

UPDATED 4 March 2014
Airwolf Extended Themes Soundtrack 2CD - Cover Artwork finalised
Airwolf Extended Themes 2CD Soundtrack - Final Cover Artwork

UPDATE 4th March, 2014:

The album is now signed off, and has GONE TO MANUFACTURE as of last week. Thus we should launch and have 'Airwolf Extended Themes' back from the CD manufacturer by the end of March 2014.  :)  Once launched, you can order directly from the all-new website at

The price will stick at GBP£30 + shipping per set. You will be able to pay via your Credit/Debit Card via PayPal, or (for USA customers only) personal checks will also be accepted. However checks will incur a bank handling charge (the bank knows how to dig the arm in for this) and of course we'll have to wait for up to 30 days for your check to clear.

We will NOT be offering digital downloads at this stage, just the old-skool physical Special Limited Edition 2CD sets, which are squarely aimed at the old-skool Airwolf fans who want a physical, touchy-feely thing in their hands to know where their money has gone.

Digital Downloads though will be offered in the future via iTunes and Amazon.

We fully realise that not every single piece of Airwolf music, that every fan, who has ever asked, has ever wanted, will be on this release. However, it does encompass what the "majority" of Airwolf fans wanted on the original research polls. There will of course be some episodes that didn't make it upon evaluation for various reasons. That's just the way it is and we know we'll not keep everyone happy and there will no doubt, be some who will storm off in disgust. Such is life folks and we've done our best to accommodate nearly everybody. We have to call the line somewhere.

There will be 42 tracks on his sequel album overall which is quite a sizeable handful more than were even on the original 'Airwolf Themes' as we wanted to give the best value-for-money possible, whilst giving the widest selection possible.

It is now being manufactured during March 2014 so we'd hope it'll be ready to launch by the end of the month.

We now decided we won't be as it would take up too much admin time.

As this will NOT be a mass-market release, will require engineering and production costs to be factored in for 42 brand new tracks (and the costs and licensing that massive amount of tracks - for any music album out there - will be huge. Most music albums have much less than this, like 10-11 tracks usually) and it will be a based on UK production costs (not American, European, Chinese or any of the other cheap, mass-produced markets), that, given 14 years' of inflation [including massively increased postage & Airmail costs -- of which we'll only use the premium Registered "Signed-For" service] will probably not be too far away from last time's costs (seriously), thus a lot more expensive than any big studio release.

Anyway, the 2CD will be GBP £30 + registered shipping cost per 2CD set (we've increased to 42 tracks - YEAH, we've added more to Jan's CD1 - now up from 30+ which is horrendously high in music terms) and UK production costs have dictated the final figure.

It's NOT being made to a price, but to whatever it costs to make it properly and to the premium quality we desire for it... and that's the price it will cost you all in the end, and I'm making absolutely no bones, apologies nor qualms about that at this stage. You've been fore-warned at this early stage guys and I'm not apologizing for wanting to make a quality product! But nobody ever complains about quality and quality costs. Simple as that.

• 2CD Set
• now containing 42 Airwolf tracks
• CD1 will be the "MAIN THEMES" disc by Jan Michal Szulew
• CD2 will be the "EPISODIC THEMES" disc by Mark J.Cairns
• Digital Stereo Sound
• 24pp Cover souvenir booklet incorporated into a new generation "Super Jewel Case"
• Special Bonus goodies included
• Special Limited Edition Run: 2000 original factory-made copies
• Price: GBP £30 + registered shipping cost per 2CD set
• Release Date: 26 March 2014


Below are the final Release Teasers (with a lot of tweaks and refinements over the original Blog teasers!) for Jan's Main Themes CD1 and my Episodic Themes CD2.

Airwolf Extended Themes MAIN THEMES CD1 (by Jan Michal Szulew)

Airwolf Extended Themes EPISODIC THEMES CD2 (by Mark J.Cairns):


'AIRWOLF EXTENDED THEMES' TV Soundtrack finally ready for Studio production, for Airwolf TV Series.

Well, not long to go now within the musical world of Airwolf Themes soundtracks.

Both Jan Michal Szulew and myself are working hard to finally get 'Airwolf Extended Themes' finished after all these years.

I did a tally at the weekend and there could be *up to* (around) 30 tracks this time between the two (I've 15-17 on mine alone), if all of them come out the other side.

Hope to get a Pre-Release Tracklist up soon. Finally.

I'm 95% sure we've got it at present. Jan and I are still talking about finalising 3 of his tracks' content as they've been fluid (the rest are pretty much arranged and most just need engineered again from the arrangement test beds).

I can definitely tell you we dumped his 4th Season Closing Theme (as I suggested back in April) last night even though it was really good (we felt there's no point going up against Rick Patterson's original on Amazon), so this will absolutely be a pure "CBS" Airwolf album. You all know I'm no fan of the Canadian show anyway.

We're both in a current push to get it done. Sept/Oct 2011 will be the big, big push months, especially for myself. I *will* be in engineering for Special Bonus CD2 at Einstein Studios during that time.

It's probably going to end up that I'll have my lot done before Jan. His CD1 is more important anyway as it'll purely be Airwolf main themes so the subtlety of that fact enforces we get them right first time.

Was working on the "bonuses" at the weekend too. Started the 20pp CD booklet too. Think you'll all like.

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