FINAL TEASERS and MARCH 2014 LAUNCH for Airwolf Extended Themes

(SPECIAL UPDATE - 1 March, 2014)

The album is now signed off, and has GONE TO MANUFACTURE as of this week. Thus we should launch and have 'Airwolf Extended Themes' back from the CD manufacturer by the end of March 2014.  :)  Once launched, you can order directly from the all-new website at

The price will stick at GBP£30 + registered shipping per 2CD set. You will be able to pay via your Credit/Debit Card via PayPal, or (for USA customers only) personal checks will also be accepted. However checks will incur a bank handling charge (the bank knows how to dig the arm in for this) and of course we'll have to wait for up to 30 days for your check to clear.

We will NOT be offering digital downloads at this stage, just the old-skool physical Special Limited Edition 2CD sets, which are squarely aimed at the old-skool Airwolf fans who want a physical, touchy-feely thing in their hands to know where their money has gone.

Digital Downloads though will be offered in the future via iTunes and Amazon.

(UPDATED BELOW 14 January 2014)

Updated some of the information in the main paragraphs of text below.

(UPDATED BELOW 16 August 2013 with CD1 Teasers)

I've now added Jan's Airwolf Extended Themes "Main Themes" CD1 Final Teasers below as well as my own from CD2...

(Original post 27 July 2013 of CD2 Teasers)

Been a long gap since the March 2013 blog and this one, but the great news is that all production work on 'Airwolf Extended Themes'  has now completed! We're done.  :)  All tracks are completed, all CD artwork is completed. We're ready to manufacture.

I'm extremely pleased (as an objective Airwolf fan) with the final result.

Personal satisfaction highlights for me are "KINGDOM COME" (the final melodic chase) and "THE HORN OF PLENTY" orchestral suite. See below.

SO WHEN WILL IT BE RELEASED?  (update 14th January, 2014)

We're now in post-production phase of finalising the licensing with Universal and the relevant royalties agencies, which is taking as long (months) as I originally predicted. Just waiting on the last signature (as of January 2014).

New website to launch the new 2CD set
New website to launch the new 2CD set
So in the interim, I'm working with Ed, my web designer to produce a brand new website in lieu of the imminent release and also include lots of new content over time to make it the one-stop-shop for new Airwolf News and information.


It will be GBP £30 + registered shipping cost per set.


Below are the final Release Teasers (with a lot of tweaks and refinements over the original Blog teasers!) for Jan's Main Themes CD1 and my Episodic Themes CD2. I also updated the Track 05 on CD2 for ECHOS FROM THE PAST today (4th March 2014).

Airwolf Extended Themes MAIN THEMES CD1 (by Jan Michal Szulew)

Airwolf Main Theme - ‘PILOT’ – Journey to Red Star [TV] (extended)' -- Final Teaser MP3
Airwolf Main Theme - ‘PILOT’ – Kafir palace raid + Red Star Test Run' -- Final Teaser MP3
Airwolf Main Theme - ‘Season 1 – Trailer' -- Final Teaser MP3
Airwolf Main Theme - ‘Season 1 – Opening / Closing (extended)' -- Final Teaser MP3
Airwolf Main Theme - ‘Season 1 – Slow Main Theme' -- Final Teaser MP3
Airwolf Main Theme - ‘PILOT’, Season 1 – Synth Theme (extended)' -- Final Teaser MP3
Airwolf Main Theme - ‘Season 2 – ‘SWEET BRITCHES’ Trailer' -- Final Teaser MP3
Airwolf Main Theme - ‘Season 2 – ‘SWEET BRITCHES’/‘FIRESTORM’ Intro' -- Final Teaser MP3
Airwolf Main Theme - ‘Season 2 – ‘SWEET BRITCHES’/‘FIRESTORM’ (extended) -- Final Teaser MP3
Airwolf Main Theme - ‘Season 2 – ‘SWEET BRITCHES’ epilogue' -- Final Teaser MP3
Airwolf Main Theme - ‘Season 1 – Closing' -- Final Teaser MP3
Airwolf Main Theme - ‘Season 2 – ‘FIRESTORM’ Trailer' -- Final Teaser MP3
Airwolf Main Theme - ‘Season 2 – ‘FALLEN ANGEL’ / ‘HX 1’' -- Final Teaser MP3
Airwolf Main Theme - ‘Season 2 – Aerial Theme (extended)' -- Final Teaser MP3
Airwolf Main Theme - ‘Season 3 – Opening / Aerial Theme (extended)' -- Final Teaser MP3
Airwolf Main Theme - ‘Season 2 + 3 – Generic Closing Theme (extended)' -- Final Teaser MP3
Airwolf Main Theme - ‘PILOT’, Season 3 – Journey to Red Star [MOVIE] / ‘EAGLES’ Aerial Theme (extended)' -- Final Teaser MP3
Airwolf Main Theme - ‘PILOT’, Season 1 + 2 – Minimalist (extended)' -- Final Teaser MP3
Airwolf Main Theme - ‘PILOT’ – Orchestral Suite' -- Final Teaser MP3 (Updated Jan 2014)
Airwolf Main Theme - ‘PILOT’ – Closing Theme' -- Final Teaser MP3
Airwolf Main Theme - ‘Season 2 + 3 – Generic Closing (regular length)' -- Final Teaser MP3
Airwolf Main Theme - ‘Season 1 + 3 – Special JMS Mix' -- Final Teaser MP3

Airwolf Extended Themes EPISODIC THEMES CD2 (by Mark J.Cairns):

'THE HORN OF PLENTY' Theme MP3 "Airwolf" Teaser

(26 March 2013)

Udi Harpaz' magnificent start to Airwolf's 3rd Season with the bombastic, military and creepy score to introduce John Bradford Horn as the nemesis of the Airwolf universe, with this medley of four cues from 'THE HORN OF PLENTY', performed by Mark J.Cairns from the Airwolf Extended Themes soundtrack.

The Teaser MP3 file (4-part suite):
Airwolf 'THE HORN OF PLENTY' 3rd Season Airwolf episode Image 01 with Jan-Michael Vincent being brain-washed by Richard Lynch' character out at Vasquez Rocks, Callifornia
One of the most disturbing scenes I've ever seen in any show, let alone Airwolf was when Jan-Michael Vincent as 'Hawke' had his eyelids taped over for a brain-washing sequence by the show's new recurring nemesis, John Bradford Horn (played wonderfully here by the late actor, RICHARD LYNCH) in the Airwolf 3rd Season opening episode, 'THE HORN OF PLENTY'. The 2nd Unit filmed most of it out at Vasquez Rocks (emulating the first scene in the show's 'PILOT' episode).

Two very memorable Guest Star performances from the late RICHARD LYNCH (playing 'John Bradford Horn') and the beautiful CATHERINE HICKLAND as Horn's daughter, 'Angelica', in Airwolf's 3rd Season premiere episode, 'THE HORN OF PLENTY'.

This is arguably one of Udi Harpaz' wildest and most bombastic works for the show with this wonderful military-based, and sometimes creepy (mainly) orchestral score mixed with big FM synth sounds from the Yamaha DX7, that created one of the strangest soundscapes from the musical repertoire of the entire series.

But then it's definitely the creepiest episode of the entire series with the jaw-droppingly shocking deaths of both main leads (Hawke and Dom)... Hawke killed Dom (although it turns out they're tranquilizers) and then Caitlin thinks she's killed Hawke with the experimental serum to correct his brain-washing. Obviously it's all designed to shock the viewer, and boy, it does! There's really nothing quite like it (Alex Cord had two goes at the brain-washing over the series run ['FALLEN ANGEL' / 'FORTUNE TELLER'], but this was the most creepy of all of them) and it's definitely one of the most "Adult" scripts from the show's run; beautifully filmed and Directed too with wonderful lighting (despite the grey Autumn skies at Vasquez Rocks) and unique camera angles by director, Sutton Roley.

I picked four different musical sequences for this medley including where Dom lands Airwolf in exchange for getting Hawke back only to be shot by him (Udi titled this "Good Luck, Kate"; then a little Easter egg with an unused alternative cue (that I knew Udi did in the original recording session) when Hawke was taking off in Airwolf at dawn; the third cue is when Archangel, Dom and Cait are in the back of the limo with Archangel briefing them on the experimental serum and Plan B, and the final one is the wonderful capture of Horn's Volvo 740 by Airwolf at the end, only to have the shocking reveal that Horn and Angelica have escaped and the Volvo was a decoy, all leading in to the final motif coda to end titles.

ERNEST BORGNINE and JEAN BRUCE SCOTT as 'Dom' and 'Caitlin' look on as Airwolf blows up Horn's base and neutralises his forces. CATHERINE HICKLAND playing 'Angelica Horn' looks back after ensnaring 'Hawke'.
The wonderful film location of Vasquez Rocks in California was the eerie setting for Horn's base and actually for the entire 2nd Unit shoot. Actress CATHERINE HICKLAND (above right) is basically looking at the field where Hawke shot Dom, and also where Airwolf stopped Horn's Volvo 740 at the very end. This was the second outing for the show's 2nd Unit, the first time being for the 'PILOT' episode in Sept 1983.

JAN-MICHAEL VINCENT's performance in Airwolf's 3rd Season premiere episode, 'THE HORN OF PLENTY' was very emotional, and the rest of the Airwolf Cast had plenty to do as well
JAN-MICHAEL VINCENT was brilliantly on form at the start of the season putting in an emotional performance for the 3rd Season's premiere episode, 'THE HORN OF PLENTY'. The other three lead actors of ERNEST BORGNINE, ALEX CORD and JEAN BRUCE SCOTT all got to put in great performances too.

I think this is a wonderful occasion to show you what a Music Cue Sheet from the original scoring sessions looks like. I've only got a few of these in my collection but this episode is one of them:


(9 March 2013) - updated 4th March 2014

"ECHOS FROM THE PAST" - Final Cabin Theme scene
from the Airwolf Extended Themes soundtrack 2CD
Some Airwolf fans have labelled this the 'Holy Grail track with no name' from Airwolf's 1st Season episode 'ECHOS FROM THE PAST', which is the final orchestral theme playing in the cabin when Hawke returns home after "dumping his helicopter out the back of a cargo plane".

The "ECHOS FROM THE PAST Final Cabin Theme" Teaser MP3 file:

updated FINAL Teaser (4th  March, 2014):

"He dumped his helicopter out the back of a cargo plane!' - the late MICHELLE NICASTRO as 'Nurse Susan' explains to Archangel (played by ALEX CORD) how she really didn't see where they landed (and keep Airwolf hidden securely).
Airwolf ECHOS FROM THE PAST 1st Season episode with JAN-MICHAEL VINCENT, DEBORAH PRATT and ALEX CORD at Hawke's Cabin
"You don't have a home of your own? Of COURSE we do! And offices in a half dozen locations." Archangel (played by ALEX CORD) and Marella (played by DEBORAH PRATT) start Hawke's debrief after letting themselves in, and then realise that Hawke & Dom have had Nurse Susan with them the entire time and worry about the security of her knowledge of the top-secret helicopter.
I personally think that this is the best "tag ending" of any of the episodes of the Airwolf series' entire run with a quick epilogue of how Hawke got home and the debriefing that Archangel and Marella thought they were going to get at the cabin, but instead had a tired, cranky and weary Hawke just wanting to unwind, enjoy a brandy and get to bed.

So the intrusion of the CIA agents leaves a sour taste in his throat at the start of scene. This quickly progresses into Archangel's shock that an outside person accompanied them on the mission and the subsequent wind-up of Archangel quizzing them all on whether Susan knows where their top-secret asset is kept (for the sake of National Security of course). But Hawke and Dom don't miss the opportunity to wind him up, which Susan then gets in on the joke by denying all knowledge... "Sorta!"
"So she knows where Airwolf is hidden? Is THAT what you call his helicopter? Uh, we didn't tell her the name... we thought we'd keep that FROM her!" - the wind-up is played from all sides on Archangel.

So, the reason fans thought the accompanying orchestral background music theme for this scene was the Holy Grail was that they didn't know if it was an existing classical piece or whether Sylvester Levay created it.

As far as I'm aware (I've still to confirm this with Sly as when I asked him in Munich last month he couldn't remember but would check) it's completely Sylvester's creation as it is actually heard in the background of a previous Levay work, a 1984 TV Movie called 'TIME BOMB'.

He laughed when I reminded him the track was in that production too from the same year and he immediately replied with "yeah, it probably saved me time!"  :)

So one more to go...

'THE HORN OF PLENTY' suite's mix will be the last full mix I'll be working on and then a tweak to ;KINGDOM COME to finish the entire album. Then the souvenir cover booklet's design and packaging and we're done.

'PROOF THROUGH THE NIGHT' Theme MP3 "Airwolf" Teaser

(10 February 2013)

"PROOF THROUGH THE NIGHT" suite including the 
Russian song of the Revolution "Poljuško Polje"
from the Airwolf Extended Themes soundtrack 2CD
Well, here it is finally, a definitive version of Airwolf's 1st Season episode 'PROOF THROUGH THE NIGHT' made up of four different scenes: the opening lab sequence when Rostoff comes through the door to kill his comrades with the Soviet's deadly nerve agent, Airwolf flying nap-of-the-earth with the SLAS system trying to evade the MIGs in the dark, the Russians closing in on the Rostoffs and Dom at the Kirivitz cabin, finishing with the final cello solo & orchestral rendition of the Russian 'Song of the Revolution' - Poljuško Polje (see the lyrics below) underscoring Tanya Rostoff's singing.

Airwolf PROOF THROUGH THE NIGHT episode and the Poljuško Polje Russian theme being played by Hawke
Airwolf's 1st season episode PROOF THROUGH THE NIGHT's most iconic theme is probably the Russian folk piece 'Poljuško Polje' both played on a balalaika and sung by Rostoff's brother-in-law Ivan Turgyev (played by actor, RADU GAVOR) and later the young Tanya Rostoff (played forlornly by actress, LINDA GROVENOR) at Hawke's cabin, accompanied by Hawke on the Stadivarius cello and then the full orchestra. There was an interesting scene in the script that was (probably shot but) left out of the final edit where both Rostoff and his wife came out on the porch and joined in the singing as well, but it was felt that the freeze frame on Hawke was more relevant to Hawke's story arc and journey over the season.

RICK LENZ as Rostoff looks through Turgyev's window to find the Soviet militia in the Airwolf PROOF THROUGH THE NIGHT Episode
Rostoff (played by actor RICK LENZ) tentatively looks through the porch window of his brother-in-law's farmhouse in Kirivitz with Hawke & Dom to surprisingly find the local Soviet militia being entertained by his brother-in-law Turgyev and Rostoff's wife and daughter, with Hawke's suspicion that they're waiting to arrest him for the theft and deaths at the top-secret Soviet lab.
There's a great mix of synth and orchestral within the episode and Sylvester Levay really delivered some of the series' most atmospheric synth work, including the use of the randomising "Arpeggiator" on the synth bass-lines (here, thankfully transcribed note-for-note exactly like the original off-air version by the patience and virtue of professional transcriber, John Rogers for me, for that total authenticity. Thanks John!) It just makes the MIG avoidance sequence below.

Airwolf 2nd Unit Director and stunt pilot DAVID JONES created vortices with Airwolf on film
Airwolf's 2nd Unit Director, Aerial Co-ordinator and amazing stunt pilot, DAVID JONES used to love creating vortices in dust & smoke with the chopper on film, here within the 'PROOF THROUGH THE NIGHT' episodic theme score when Airwolf is trying to avoid being picked up on the Russian MIGs' radar, so have to fly nap-of-the-earth.
Airwolf 1st Season episode PROOF THROUGH THE NIGHT with actor RICK LENZ playing Vladimir Rostoff (aka 'Moses')
Actor RICK LENZ played Soviet double agent, Vladimir 'Moses' Rostoff to perfection, here killing off his Soviet comrades in a 'lab accident' with a top-secret Soviet nerve agent; then meeting up with Hawke & Dom in Airwolf before flying with them to collect his wife and daughter to defect with them as well.
And for those of you wanting to know what Turgyev and later Tanya were singing, here are the original Russian lyrics... 

Poljuško Polje Sing-A-Long Lyrics
Polyushko, polye,
polyushko shiroko, polye ...
Yedut, ey, po polyu gyeroyi,
ey, da ruskoi armiyi gyeroyi.

Dyevushki platshut,
dyevushkam sivodnya grustno:
Milý da v armiyu uyekhal,
ey, da milý v armiyu uyekhal.

Dyevushki, gliantye,
dyevushki, utritye slyozý!
Pust' po silnyeye grianyem pyesnyu,
ey, da nasha pyesnya boyevaya.

Tol'ko mý vidyim,
vidyim mý syeduyu tutshu:
Vrazhya da sila iz za lyesa,
ey, da vrazhya sila slovno tutsha

English translation of Poljuško Polje
Field, my field, my wide field,
The heroes ride over the field,
Hey, the heroes of the Red Army.

The girls are crying,
The girls are sorrowful today,
Their sweethearts went away for a long time,
Hey, their sweethearts went away to the army.

You girls, cast a glance,
cast a glance in our direction,
Wave far down the road,
Ey, the happy road.

We only see
We see a grey mist,
The hate of the enemy behind the forest,
Hey, the enemy's hate, like a mist.

Hey, girls, look,
We are ready to engage the enemy,
Our horses are fleet-footed,
Our tanks are fast-driving.

Hey, while on the collective farms,
The work is efficiently progressing,
Today we are watchmen,
Today we are keeping watch.

The ECHOS FROM THE PAST Cabin epilogue theme will be next up very soon.

'PILOT - BLAZE Theme' MP3 "Airwolf" Teaser

(3 February 2013)

Wagner-esque "BLAZE Theme" from Airwolf's TV PILOT episode from Airwolf Extended Themes soundtrack
After last weekend's amazing time spent with original Airwolf composer, SYLVESTER LEVAY (see Jan Szulew's separate Munich Trip Blog post on his Orchestrator's blog) outside Munich, Germany, this weekend has been back to the grind.

So, I've two MP3 teasers ready to Blog, the first of which is here for the Wagner-esque theme that Sylvester Levay wrote for the egotistical character actor, Blaze (played by the brilliant John Calvin) in Airwolf's TV PILOT episode; the Movie PILOT had different (inferior) music on this particular track.

The "Blaze" Teaser MP3 file:
Airwolf 'PILOT' 1st Season Airwolf episode theme for "Blaze" played by John Calvin
1st Season Airwolf 'PILOT' episode had the superb Bellisario regular actor JOHN CALVIN acting in the brilliantly egotistical role of 'Blaze', who thought he could fly a chopper better than Hawke. Shows off Don's humour to the fore.

Airwolf 'PILOT' 1st Season Airwolf episode Wagner-esque theme for "Blaze" played to total terror by John Calvin
Sylvester Levay wrote a wonderful Wagner-esque theme for the egotistical character of 'Blaze' on the fictional movie set in the Airwolf TV 'PILOT' episode. Here Dom is trying to explain to the local television news report Mona Khan (played by the DEE DEE RESCHER) about the hammerhead stall manoeuvre that Blaze has just pulled inadvertently whilst trying to control [in sheer terror!] the Hughes 500 [later used as Caitlin's Highway Patrol chopper in 2nd Season episode, 'SWEET BRITCHES'] for the cameras.

Sylvester Levay's character theme that he composed for Blaze during Airwolf's Pilot episode, and one of my personal favourite just perfectly summarises the naive showmanship that the egotistical movie star is trying to portray for the cameras and Mona Khan's local news crew.

Using lots of bombastic brass and quick string runs, it provides the wonderful Don Bellisario black humour of watching Blaze's sheer terror during his losing more and more control of the flight and over-estimating his own abilities. Was Don having a dig at certain Hollywood actors at the time? We'll never know.

Airwolf 'PILOT' 1st Season Airwolf episode with Ernest Borgnine and Jan-Michael Vincent
"There!" as Blaze comes blazing around the corner on the deck to dust the camera crew. Both JAN-MICHAEL VINCENT and JOHN CALVIN got separate joy-rides up in the Hughes with 2nd Unit Director and Pilot, the late DAVID JONES, acting to a static camera which you can see the shadow off on Jan's shirt.


Airwolf Aerial Cameraman STAN McCLAIN with 2nd Unit Director and pilot, DAVID JONES diving through the 1st Unit crew
If you look really closely you can see this one-shot, multi-camera take of Aerial Cameraman, STAN McCLAIN (Left) holding the big 35mm film camera on his right shoulder, with the late DAVID JONES doubling for Blaze. Then it's cut from Stan's camera to the two cameras on the ground as they pass over the crew. 
In the take-off shot you can see Jetcopters' owner PETER McKERNAN, Snr in Hawke's seat with his arms folded.
Airwolf Aerial Cameraman STAN McCLAIN (with camera on shoulder) flying with 2nd Unit Director and pilot, DAVID JONES getting the shot of Blaze dusting the crewSo 'PROOF THROUGH THE NIGHT' and its Holy Grail Russian "Song of the Revolution " Poljuško Polje theme will be following this Blog next. "PROOF" though, has proved challenging, as there's another live cello solo in the last part of this one for the Russian theme. It's being mixed in with orchestral and includes the lab sequence at the start, the encounter with the MIGs and the tune when the Russians are closing in on Dom and Moses' position in the cabin, to finish with Hawke's cello rendition when Natalya Rostoff is singing her version of Polusko Polje (we've obviously left her voice out!). It's now finished so it's just as soon as I can get the time to get another blog up you'll all here it.

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