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The Airwolf Extended Themes 2CD music soundtrack score was released as a special limited edition release for the Airwolf™ TV series' 30th anniversary in 2014.

Featuring 42 brand new tracks from the original 3 seasons of the CBS TV show, the first CD "Main Themes" featuring 22 brand new recordings of variants of the Main Theme song performed and producer by Orchestrator & Associate Producer, Jan Michal Szulew; and the second CD "Episodic themes" by producer, Mark J.Cairns concentrating on the non-Main Theme works by Levay, Harpaz, Freebairn-Smith and Segáll.

Only 2000 copies have been manufactured as a Special Limited Edition.

Read the Airwolf fan REVIEWS for the 2CD set here.

Music from the Airwolf TV series by Mark J. Cairns and Jan Michal Szulew

Airwolf was a show that concerned an iconic, shark-like, supersonic, military helicopter, codenamed AIRWOLF (or known affectionately as 'The Lady' by the characters on the show) and her crew as they undertook various missions, many involving espionage, with a Cold War theme. The series ran for 55 episodes on CBS in the United States in 1984 through 1986, and an additional 24 episodes (called 'AIRWOLF II' aka Season 4), created by a new Canadian cast and production company, aired on the USA Network in 1987, for a total of 79 episodes.

But it was the amazing music on Airwolf, composed by Sylvester Levay and Udi Harpaz, that has stayed with the show's fans to this day and especially the memorable main theme tune used in both the opening and closing title sequences and during the aerial battle scenes between the real-life aircraft used on the show, which to many people nowadays symbolizes anything to do with helicopters!

When that iconic Main Theme Tune song kicks in, you just know a baddie is going to get it -- from that Blackbird of Death Amalgam of Lone Ranger, Mighty Mouse and God! Airwolf.

The Helicopter Theme music

Airwolf's legacy is that the music, and especially the Airwolf Main Theme Tune stands out simply due to a so-called, tune-of-the-week approach to the music score which transports you to specific scenes, in specific locations, in specific Airwolf episodes, from specific seasons of the show – giving a very unique selling point and quality that makes these collections of Airwolf Themes, especially ‘Airwolf Extended Themes’ such an enjoyable escape to both synthesizer and orchestral music aficionados. The Main Theme song itself really is a piece of iconic music that has transcended above its original intention and stood the test of time by being known by millions of people around the world, both young and old, as the traditional tune (compared to 'Blue Thunder') to sum up the entire, high-flying world of helicopters and some will even say, some of the greatest synthesiser music ever created, especially from the pioneering days of the mid-1980s.

Watch Music Videos of 'Airwolf Extended Themes' on YouTube. MP3 teasers also available.

Watch Airwolf music videos for all the Airwolf Extended Themes 2CD tracks on YouTube at:

You can also listen to all 42 MP3 music teasers from our player here on our official Airwolf website: HERE

Win a copy of Airwolf Extended Themes 2CD music soundtrack

To celebrate the release, we're giving away a Special Limited Edition 2CD set of 'Airwolf Extended Themes' to one of our Twitter followers.

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Two Signatures - Airwolf Fan's journey to have Airwolf Extended Themes 2CD signed by both musicians

South Africa Airwolf fan, Gérann Gerber with the Airwolf Extended Themes 2CD, in his Replica Flightsuit & Helmet created by Steven W. Stull
South African Airwolf fan Gérann Gerber
with his signed Airwolf Extended Themes 2CD.
South African Airwolf fan, GÉRANN GERBER decided to take a Winter holiday vacation (remember it's Winter in the Southern Hemisphere when the rest of us in the North are basking in the Summer sun!) across the warmer climes of Europe.

As he'd already bought a copy of the all-new Airwolf Extended Themes 2CD earlier in 2014, album producer Mark J.Cairns had signed the inside back cover of the original copy for him at the time of order. Well, Gérann decided that he wanted to complete the set properly so he booked an extra stop-over in Warsaw, Poland and arranged to meet the album's Orchestrator and Associate Producer, Jan Michal Szulew to have him sign his original copy as well.

Meeting up in early August 2014 at one of the main central Warsaw hotels, the two guys talked for a couple of hours about, amongst other things, music and naturally the Airwolf Extended Themes 2CD album that was released this year to critical acclaim by the Airwolf fans.


Gérann was interested to learn more about the difficulties in producing something as huge as the production of this album and Jan explained how time-consuming (years!) it had been to create and produce the music for the album especially as his contribution had totalled 22 tracks, filling an entire CD. Jan expressed his immense admiration for Sylvester Levay's iconic theme tune for the show as the conversation progressed to the earlier visit with the Airwolf Documentary team to meet Sylvester Levay at his home and studios in Munich, Germany during January 2013 and some of Jan's experiences that day.

Jan Michal Szulew signing Gérann Gerber's Airwolf Extended Themes 2CD set in Warsaw, Poland
Jan Michal Szulew signing an Airwolf CD

After that they took a quick trip into the city to visit some of the local stores allowing Gérann to experience the noise and bustle of the local Metro (Jan helped him speed up the process at the ticket vending machine). At a local coffee house Jan then signed the inside back cover of the Airwolf Extended Themes album and granted Gérann his wish to have the only copy in the world to be signed by both Mark J.Cairns and Jan Michal Szulew.

Gérann commented: "The day was a wonderful experience and an absolute honour to meet Jan for the first time. I also made sure to give him a traditional gift in return from my part of the world in South Africa, via a 'Big Five' [lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhinoceros] photographic puzzle as a little memento of my visit to thank him for the help and generosity of his time shared with me. I really appreciated it."

The signed Airwolf Extended Themes' artwork with both musicians' signatures
The signed Airwolf Extended Themes' artwork
Jan Michal Szulew later commented: "It was a pleasure meeting Gérann and really quite surprising to me that he made the long trip all the way up from South Africa to meet with me and have his copy of the album signed."


It's not every day that a music fan will travel half way around the world for a signature on a music album, but Gérann loved the experience of it and it certainly made for an interesting and memorable diversion for a day during his Winter holiday trip 2014.


If you haven't experienced the Airwolf soundtrack yet, you can still buy original 2CD sets directly from the Airwolf Themes team via their official website here.

South African Airwolf fan, Gérann Gerber meets Airwolf Extended Themes' Jan Michal Szulew
Gérann Gerber meets Jan Michal Szulew

Jan used the same gold Sharpie pen to sign Gérann's CD that original Airwolf composer, Sylvester Levay used to autograph the 'Airwolf Themes' and 'Airwolf Documentary' teams' items on their visit to his home and studios in Munich, Germany during late January, 2013...

Sylvester Levay signed artwork used same gold Sharpie that Jan used to sign Gérann's CD artwork.
Sylvester Levay signed artwork used the same gold Sharpie pen that Jan used to sign Gérann's CD artwork.

Airwolf Extended Themes 2CD - NOW RELEASED

Well, the 'Airwolf Extended Themes' 2CD album has finally been released on 26th March, 2014 after 15 long years in the planning and 5 even longer years (feels like it anyway) in both production and over 2-years of post production.

The fantastic response and support from the die-hard Airwolf fans (the 'Wolf Pack') who have bought the new 2CD Special Limited Edition score has been very humbling with both the detailed fan feedback c/o Disqus and also via Social, especially with Facebook and Google+.

Listen to the Airwolf Extended Theme 2CD via MP3 Teasers and Airwolf YouTube promo videos
Listen to the Airwolf Extended Themes 2CD MP3 Teasers and Watch YouTube videos

You can buy the buy the Special Limited Edition 2CD soundtrack score today directly from ourselves at our website. 42 tracks of Airwolf music as you've never heard it before in Hi-Fi Stereo, which contains 22 tracks of the Airwolf Main Theme tune (by Sylvester Levay) arranged and produced by Jan Michal Szulew, and 20 tracks from various episodes and characters themes from the first three CBS seasons of the show arranged and produced by producer, Mark J.Cairns. All tracks are based as closely as possible in arrangement, sound and feel on the episodic scoree written by composers, Sylvester Levay, Udi Harpaz, Ian Freebairn-Smith, and the late Bernardo Segáll. 

Airwolf Extended Themes 2CD Cover Artwork
Some of the really cool features in this new Airwolf music release are the superb 24-page which includes an in-depth interview with episode composer, Udi Harpaz for his work during the late Season 2, and early Season 3 episodes. It reveals a lot of the behind-the-scenes production details of the music creation on the original TV series including revealing for the first time what synthesizers, sequencers and keyboards that the "session" keyboard players used who played and recorded for the composers each week.

We have also manufactured it with the new 2nd generation "Super Jewel Case" which is much stronger than the original jewel case and includes some wonderful new features.

Plus, there's a little surprise we've added to the Special Limited Edition 2CD as a bonus feature. You'll find out if you BUY a copy today!  :)


Airwolf Extended Themes 2CD Special Limited Edition is our contribution to Airwolf's 30th Anniversary in 2014.  But that's not all to end the fan's joy this year.

Airwolf on Bluray HD finally available

The other exciting news is that three weeks after our release, Fabulous Films in the UK released the original three seasons of
Airwolf Bluray Box Set for Seasons 1-3
Airwolf Bluray Box Set
Airwolf in High-Definition (HD) Bluray for the first time with an all-new Region B box set print. Having secured the new HD prints from Universal Studios, who went back to the original 35mm negatives and lifted new HD digital prints. 

To say the new picture is stunning would be an understatement. The colour and clarity and resolution of everything is now so eye-poppingly gorgeous as to be a feast for the eyes.

The sound is still very front & centre although Universal have made a good stab and giving it more of a Stereo width. There's no glorious sound remastering though to match the picture, so unfortunately no DTS 7.1 or Dolby Digital 5.1; but if your Audio Receiver is capable of it, then I'm sure you can "pseudo-Stereo 7-Channel" the sound to disperse it a lot more. The sound mix of Season 1 is pretty natural, but Seasons 2 and 3 are quite music heavy on the mix and can jar the ear a little at times depending on the episode. However, they blow the original Universal-Playback DVDs.

I will review the new Airwolf Bluray (2014) and its sister Airwolf DVD (2014) box set in a separate Blog, plus we'll have a new dedicated section on our website dedicated to the new HD Airwolf Blurays and DVDs.

Single season Airwolf Bluray sets coming Sept 2014, so if times are tight and you can't afford the full box set, then you can purchase the single season sets.